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Our team of writers are passionate about the countryside and the culture surrounding rural life.

They hail from separate corners of the country but all have a love for the countryside and wildlife in common, which is what brought them together to create this website. Dynfant Horses is an outlet for these kindred spirits, a place where they can share their new discoveries, treasured memories and top tips related to living in the great outdoors.

Without further ado, meet the enthusiastic writers that comprise Dynfant Horses: 

Terry McNeal

“I spent my childhood on my parents farm in Devon, before moving to Exeter to study and practice Law. After my parents passed away I was given the choice of either selling the farm (for a handsome price, I might add) or taking control of the place myself. Not feeling comfortable seeing our family homestead being sold off, I took the reins of the dairy business and haven’t looked back since! I was fortunate enough to have children since then who have grown up and now manage the farm in my stead, leaving me plenty of time to enjoy the fresh air and the occasional beer.”

Rebecca Holway

“I’m lucky enough to call the Norfolk Broads my home, although it’s not always been the case. I spent my youth in the city, or Norwich, to be more precise. I liked the buzz of the nightlife and all the distractions that came with it when I was a youngster, but as I grew older and my tastes became more refined, I soon found myself yearning for a more peaceful existence. This was when I decided to move out into the Broads themselves, a decision that I consider to be one of the best that I have ever made.”

Tom Burgess

“Whether it’s spending a day on the river with a fishing rod, or stalking rabbits in some high grass, I’m always happy when I’m in the countryside. I spent hundreds of hours as a kid crafting outdoor skills that have led to me running a successful tourism business from my home county of Hampshire. I consider myself very lucky indeed to earn a living introducing newcomers to sports that have a great passion for, in a land that has been so generous to me.”

Karen Barrett

“I’ve always had a soft spot for a bake sale, or a Harvest celebration or Village Fayre – these community-led events are always such a joy to behold, especially when you consider how long many of them have been running for. I credit my local village community for getting me through a very difficult period in my life and have striven ever since to give back as much as I can to it. I now spend my working life creating social engagement activities and groups that bring together disparate communities and bring smiles to people faces.’

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